Sunshine Enterprise prides itself on creating value for employees, customers, and vendors by bridging the differences between the US and China within manufacturing.

Enterprise's Objectives

We believe in providing the best QUALITY based on industry standards and outperforming competition with value.
We believe in creating loyal customers by providing a superior SERVICE and experience.
Our passion is to build a winning team and become a great company by committing to total SATISFACTION for employees,customers,and vendors.

Our Shared Core Values

An entrepreneur spirit with the following attributes:

We have FUN at work
We are PASSIONATE about life and our work
We TRUST each other and do what we say we are going to do
We work as a TEAM towards a collective goal
We maintain DISCIPLINE in everything we do
We focus on integrity and FAIR decisions
We are RESULT DRIVEN and focus on outcomes

Business Opportunity

The management believes there are tremendous business opportunities through bridging the differences between two giant countries: the US and China. However, these opportunities can become disasters if not managed well due to culture difference, language barriers, different legal systems, different business practices, and many more. The management believes a strong foundation and infrastructure in both countries is the key to conducting business successfully.

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