Written by Murray Pollok - 20 Oct 2008

Verticon switches to Sunshine/Baoda hoists  

Sunshine Enterprise in the US will supply 90 Chinese-made Baoda hoists to Australia's Verticon.

Australian tower crane and construction hoist rental company Verticon is to add 90 Chinese-built Baoda hoists to its fleet over the next three years. The company will source the units from Baoda's US importer, Memphis-based Sunshine Enterprise, Inc.

Verticon was previously sourcing its hoists from another Chinese manufacturer, GJJ, through an alliance with GJJ's US representative Lewis Equipment. However, Verticon announced in July that it had ended its equipment supply agreement with Lewis, giving no reason for the change in supplier.

Verticon is the largest tower crane operator in Australia, with over 100 cranes, but it also has a fleet of 60 construction hoists. The addition of 90 units represents a significant investment in the hoist market. The company reported revenues of A$50.1 million (26 million) for the year to 30 June 2008.

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