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January 3, 2008
Memphis, TN

A Step Higher – Sunshine Enterprise introduces its Access division.

How high do you want to go? StepHigh Access, LLC, the new subsidiary of Sunshine Enterprise, can take you as high as the sky allows!

StepHigh Access, LLC is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and started its operation from July 2007. It operates the fleet of construction hoists and Klimer’s mast climbing products. Within 30 days from its inception, StepHigh secured a high profile hotel project with J.L. Lewis Contractors requiring 9 KlimerLite machines for the exterior stucco work. The job has completed ahead of its schedule and provided significant savings to the subcontractor.

“The service from the operation manager James Hinton was impeccable!” stated Richard Collins, partner at J.L. Lewis Contractors, Inc. based in Nashville, TN, “James’s knowledge of this product and ability to train us on how to safely use this product was better than expected! The most important, though, is he has kept all his promises. Therefore we could depend on those promises to schedule our job. We have saved on labor alone over $30,000 for this job and finished weeks ahead of schedule!”

“We are very excited about this new division!” said Mr. Charles Donaldson, Vice President for Business Development at Sunshine Enterprise, “We have spent almost two years to carefully plan this division. Now, this division has become the distributor for Klimer’s mast climbing products and owns a fleet of high speed construction hoists. Furthermore, this division has attracted the most knowledgeable professionals who have been in the industry for many years! We are confident we can provide the best service and solution to exceed the expectations of our customer’s access needs.”

StepHigh Access, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunshine Enterprise, Inc. Its sister company: Stepup Scaffolding, LLC, has been a well-known wholesaler for high-quality and low-cost scaffolding products in the construction industry. StepHigh Access is able to offer access solutions to Stepup’s existing customer base and provide one stop shop for their needs. Please visit for more information.

Sunshine Enterprise, Inc. has a portfolio of privately held companies focusing on US – China related business. Its headquarters resides in Memphis, Tennessee and has operations in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and Atlanta. Together, the whole company employs more than 400 employees; occupy 500,000 square feet warehouse storage space and 500,000 square feet manufacturing facility. Please visit for more information!

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