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Heli Americas logs gains during 2011

    Thursday, 1 Dec 2011 ( #542 ) - Memphis, TN, United States - News Story Heli Americas reports market success during 2011 and the possibility of adding two or three dealers by 31 December and plans to add a major account manager in early 2012.

    "2011 was a very good year for Heli Americas with sales revenues showing an increase of over 100% versus 2010," says Bruce Pelynio, president and chief executive officer of Memphis-based Dobbs Imports LLC, trading as Heli Americas and covering 31 US states, distributing forklifts from Anhui Heli Co Ltd of Hefei, China. Sales and dollar volumes were withheld.

    "We continue to add to, and upgrade, our dealer network and now have 23 dealerships with 50 locations," he notes. "We have also increased our market penetration into key major accounts." Pelynio is searching for the first member of a dedicated national account team.

    Heli Americas found opportunities during the economic downturn that "gave people a chance to use our product and service it in their fleets," Pelynio says. "The outcome of these extended demonstrations of the Heli product was the realisation that it provides an extremely robust design with a very user-friendly maintenance interface for the end user’s service team."

    David Alexander joined Heli Americas in mid-2010 as eastern regional marketing manager covering 16 eastern states and certain key national accounts.

    Southwest Equipment Sales of Denver, Colorado represents the Heli brand in the other 19 US states.

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