By Hefei, China
Sep. 16, 2010

Heli now in top 8

Anhui Forklift Group, which produces Heli forklifts, has been ranked eighth in the latest top 20 forklift suppliers list by US logistics magazine Modern Materials Handling.

Bruce Pelynio, CEO of Heli Americas, tells News that Heli has continued to rise in the global standings from a ranking of above 20 in 2006. "I would anticipate a continued drive to move up in the rankings."

He explains that Heli is continuing to expand and improve its global distribution network to enable it to service global accounts and expects these activities to further improve its global standing.

"The latest forecast is for Anhui Heli to produce in excess of 50,000 units in 2010,"Pelynio adds.

The group increased domestic sales by 23% year-on-year in 2009 and enlarged its market share in China by 5.2%. This compares to a 39% drop in global forklift sales volume and a 17% decline in China’s forklift sales.

Modern Materials Handling lists the top 10 forklift suppliers in terms of 2009 sales revenue in descending order as: Toyota (USD4.6 billion), KION (USD4.1 billion), Jungheinrich (USD2.3 billion), Crown Equipment (USD1.6 billion), NACCO Industries (USD1.5 billion), Mitsubishi/Caterpillar (USD920 million), Komatsu (USD750 million), Anhui Forklift Group (USD668 million), Nissan (USD624 million) and TCM (USD593 million).

Wolfgang Degenhard, editor of dhf-intralogistik, commenting in the German magazine's 2008/09 ranking list, noted that China was no longer an emerging market but a "real industrial nation that must be taken seriously".

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