NEWS FROM:Sunshine Enterprise, Inc.
February 1, 2010

Stepup Scaffold’s New York Branch expansion

STEPUP Scaffold, a division of Sunshine Enterprise, has expanded its New York distribution center from a 17,000 square feet facility to a 40,000 square feet facility on January 1, 2010. The new facility is only one mile away from its current facility and will double its warehouse capacity.

STEPUP’s New York branch has always been a top performing division among its five distribution centers. “We are very excited about this expansion!” said Mr. Mike McAnnally, National Sales Manager for Stepup Scaffold division: “New York branch has reached its maximum capacity, not because of the market size, but due to the warehouse capacity. With the doubled warehouse capacity, we planned to introduce more products, like System Scaffold, Sidewalk Bridge Post, etc. to our customers and offer the convenience for one-stop shop!”

New York is STEPUP Scaffold’s first branch in the US and started back in January 2001. It has enjoyed tremendous success in the past ten years due to its excellent customer services and convenient location. “We are very lucky to find a perfect location just one mile away from our previous location!” said Mr. John Chen, COO of Sunshine Enterprise, Inc. “Our customers can continue enjoying our convenient location, in addition to more product lines being offered.”

Stepup Scaffold is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors for steel and aluminum scaffolding products in North America. It owns and operates five distribution centers across the US: Memphis, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and Atlanta. In addition, it has five distributors located in New Orleans, Montana in the US and Calgary, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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