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Andy Chen

Chief Executive Officer-China District

John Chen

Mr. Chen earned a Bachelor of Art degree in Finance from Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis in 2004. He worked for a construction company in Alabama for one year before he joined Sunshine Enterprise in 2005. He started as a salesperson at Memphis division in charge of the scaffolding sales and brought over 200% growth in one year. Then he was promoted to Los Angeles branch manager in May 2006. He set up the distribution network covering the western United States and achieved over 300% growth in less than 2 years.

Mr. Chen was promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing in China and relocated to Shenzhen in the middle of 2008. His main responsibility is to promote the access products, like construction hoists, mast climbers, swing stages, and tower cranes etc. to Western Europe and Australia. Mr. Chen believes the successful sales approach is "Network + Brand" - marketing network together with the brand's influence. Mr. Chen became US citizen in early 2008 and has a deep understanding of the Western culture because of his education background in the U.S.

Tony Dai
Vice General Manager of SET
Tony Dai

Mr. Dai earned a Bachelor of engineer degree from Hunan Normal University with major in Mechanical Manufacture technology and education in 2003.He joined Sunshine Enterprise and started as a quality assurance engineer at Shenzhen SET Imp/Exp Co.,Ltd in 2003,then he was promoted to the quality assurance department manager position in 2005 and developed a whole set of complete quality control system,and vendor audit system,greatly improved the product quality,provided great support to America headquarter to build high-quality brand image.

In 2009,Mr. Daiji joined China Excutive committee of Sunshine Enterprise,he was in charge of quality control of SEM factories and other vendor's.In 2010,Mr. Daiji was promoted to vice general manager and is in charge of the overall activities in Shenzhen SET,and ensure the efficient operation and communication within the company.He manages and leads SET to provide the strong support for Sunshine's operation in the US. meanwhile,he continues to develop more competitive vendors and freight forwarders and enables the company to maintain its competitive edge.

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